Susi is a freelance film-maker based in central London, specialising in documentaries
on education, social issues and international development.
Collaborations with artists and scientists help keep the mind busy

AwraAmbaCafe NEW1

still from Awra Amba, camera Susi Arnott
dir.Paulina Tervo

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  1. Hi Susi,
    It’s Sue from Tregeraint. I wanted to say how much I liked your film ‘Estuary”, absolutely delightful. I liked the sharpness of the light and the beautiful colour change as the day moved on. So thanks for sending it to me.
    I was very impressed with you and Crispin – you are truly intrepid – walking the coastal path, having been in that awful car crash. I don’t know many people who would be walking the path in the winter anyway! – but in the scheme of your adventurous lives, I guess it was nothing.
    Hope you got to the end okay.
    I’m thinking you are in Kenya at the moment so hope all is well.
    Hopefully see you again.

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